How To Use A French Press | Using A French Press In 5 Steps

 How to use a French press

How To Use A French Press In 5 Steps


There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to the rich aroma of freshly made coffee. To prepare yourself the best cup of coffee every day, you’ll need to first invest in your equipment. A french press, cafetiere or coffee plunger is an important tool in a coffee enthusiast’s kit. Rather than spend a fortune on a coffee machine, enjoy the slow and loving process of preparing coffee at home as they do every day across Europe. A french press will help you to quickly brew a rich and strong cup of coffee, a warm and delicious latte or perhaps a refreshing iced coffee with cream. If you’re new to the world of coffee beans, we’re going to explain exactly how to use a french press in 5 easy to follow steps.


 How to use a French press

1: Invest In Your Beans


Every coffee lover worth their weight in beans knows how important it is to invest in a good quality bag of coffee. If you’re going to be using a french press at home, you’ll need a bag of freshly grounded coffee beans. Please note that when we say grounded, we do not mean instant coffee! In fact, once you make coffee at home in your french press the right way, you’ll never reach for an instant coffee again!


Rather than risk running out of coffee at home, keep your coffee stocks high by ordering freshly roasted and ground coffee beans from Midnight Roasters. Choose from a medium to dark roast and enjoy notes of caramel, hazelnut and even peanut butter.


 How to use a french press

2: Get The Coffee Water Ratio Right


This is an important step when brewing a cup of coffee using a french press. Failing to get this right can result in a weak and underwhelming cup of coffee, or a bitter, intense and overpowering flavor. For every 3 tablespoons of coffee use 1 cup of water.


 How to use a french press

3: Don’t Burn The Coffee


Yes, you can actually burn coffee, and this is going to impact the flavor. When using a french press, boil some water in a kettle first and then wait a couple of minutes. Never pour boiling hot water directly onto the coffee. After a few minutes, you can now slowly pour the water over the coffee and gently stir. If you’ve got the water ratio right, you should see a dark and intense color. If the coffee is more golden brown and you prefer a rich taste, consider adding a couple of teaspoons more coffee at this point.


 How to use a french press

4: Allow The Coffee To Brew


You’re almost there! Now it’s a waiting game. Allow the coffee to brew and take in those incredible aromas. Ideally, give your coffee 3 to 5 minutes to steep. In the meantime, if you’re making a latte or cappuccino, you can now start to heat the milk in a microwave or saucepan.


 How to use a french press

5: Press It Down & Pour


After around 4 minutes, the time has come to press down the french press plunger and enjoy your hard work. Take your time and slowly press it all the way down. Now you’re ready to pour away.


For a black coffee, pour into a small cup and enjoy while hot.


For a latte, pour over a half cup of coffee into a warm tall glass of milk and perhaps garnish with cinnamon.


For the perfect cappuccino at home, you can actually froth milk using a french press. So transfer the coffee into another container and clean out the french press. Now add the warm milk into your french press and go to town on the plunger. The more you press it down and lift it back up, the more air bubbles you will form in the milk and froth up a storm in the kitchen. Add half a cup of coffee into your favorite mug and gently pour over the cloud-like milk until it resembles the perfect cappuccino.


For an iced french press or iced latte, allow the coffee to cool and pour over ice cubes or add to cold milk.

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