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Let’s talk about coffee quality, and what you can do to improve your morning cup. Prior to being involved in the coffee industry, I wasn’t even aware that coffee could be improved past my drip brewer. Truly, it was the dark ages for me.

I worked for a company wishing to add a café to their office building, so I began cold-calling various cafés and restaurants in the area to gauge interest in leasing a space out from us. I did this for about a week or so before meeting with the sales manager of a café in Vancouver (and quite the expert on the subject of coffee). He introduced me to the world of roasting methods and quality control, and I was blown away – coffee was equitable to wine in the sense of depth you could go into discussing it. From there my journey flourished as I was further educated on green bean origins, distribution, and brewing methods.

v60-coffee-how to

Fast forward a year or so and I found myself working for Midnight Roasters and was gifted a V60. I used it for the first time and haven’t gone back to a drip brew for my morning coffees since. I didn’t consider myself a coffee snob (well maybe that’s changed now) but the difference in flavor was truly night and day. While a drip brewer only filters through the center of your coffee grounds, a V60 method makes use of the entire area of your grounds, and really brings out the flavor profile of your beans. I can’t speak for other brewing methods as of yet - such as french press and moka pot – but I can certainly vouch for the V60.

If you don’t know what a V60 is, I’ll explain: it’s effectively a glass funnel that sits overtop your coffee cup to hold a coffee filter and your ground beans (pictured above). You manually pour boiled water over your grounds in an outward swirling motion to make use of all your grounds – as opposed to a drip brewer that typically drips water only into the center. What you end up with is a full-bodied cup of coffee that both smells and tastes superior. The process of brewing with a V60 in the morning can be a calming habit for some as well, as I find.

What’s your favorite brewing method? I still have a journey ahead of me to learn the art of the french press and the moka pot, and I’ll write about those in due time. As a final disclaimer, I have nothing against a drip brewer coffee machine, I’ll still use mine when I have company over or if I’m just feeling lethargic. You just can’t deny the difference in taste when it comes to a V60.

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